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As Used By Some Of The #1 Athletes In The World

(No Matter What Your Sport Is)…

What’s the number one difference between an ‘average’ athlete and a GREAT one?

Average athletes leave winning to chance.

Andre Agassi, is an American retired professional tennis player and former World No. 1, who was one of the game’s most dominant players from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. Generally considered by critics and fellow players to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Agassi compiled performances that, along with his unorthodox attitude, saw him cited as one of the most charismatic players in the history of the game. As a result, he is credited for helping to revive the popularity of tennis during the 1990s. Not many remember his comeback (he nearly quit after sinking to World No. 141 in 1997) He literally returned to World No. 1 in 1999 and enjoyed his most successful career run over the next four years – his swan song before he decided to call it a day. Do you think Andre Agassi left that success to chance? Not the same as how Muhammad Ali finished his career – in a bout of unfair matches with aging reactions and deflated mindset that left him near to penniless… wanting to finish his career on a win and never quite getting there…

Well I know the secrethow great athletes maintain that winning streak that hands them the ‘winner takes all’ lifestyle, fame and fortune on a plate.

You don’t get a medal for showing up. Or even just for being a runner up. You get a medal for vision inspired performance… And that performance relies on your body. Your body performing at its ultimate peak relies on your mind. Exactly the kind of secret 2012 Olympic silver medal 10m platform diver Brittany Broben picked up as a result of working with me…

Olympic silver medal Brittany Broben

4189594-4x3-700x525-Copy-150x150At the time I went to see Stuart I was not happy with the results of recent competitions and was placing a huge amount of pressure on myself and expectations of what I wanted to achieve. I had one chance left to qualify for the London Olympics Team. After a few sessions, I was relaxed and in the zone. I qualified for the London Olympic Team and went on to win a Silver Medal”
I’ve worked with Athletes for 8 years, including Brittany above, silver medallist at the last Olympics, I know firsthand that winning requires knowing how to control the physical processes, with minimal effort.

I’d love to take you on that journey so you can unlock the potential in your mind unlocking every muscle in your body so you reach fluid, outstanding perfection every time.

Every time it counts. Winning requires a lot of practice, a lot of determLowResL_Stuart-22ination and a lot of commitment. And once mastered – will serve an athlete throughout their career, even if…

  • You’re an athlete starting out
  • You’re on the edge of success
  • You’re already performing at an optimal level… and the gold medal is still a way off
  • You want to peak at the right time, every time in your chosen sport
  • You want to know how you can relax to the point where your body flows precisely so it can fulfil your minds desire…

Winning is Belief!

Belief will unlock your true potential.

I know this because I’ve already helped Athletes such as Brittany succeed at  the elite level, achieving National, Commonwealth and World Champions.

I’m a Hypnosis and NLP master…And I happen to LOVE sport.

So combine helping the world’s most prolific athletes (you can see some more of those below) alongside my passion for sport and throw in some Jedi mind mastery in the form of Hypnosis and NLP (that’s really what it is btw since you are able to achieve EXACTLY what you visualise with my help…) and that’s me in a nutshell. I’ve been there and worn the T-shirt myself – or should I say a ‘Tae Kwon Do’ uniform with black belt wrapped around it… and won medal after medal (Gold in 1995, 1998 and 1999) having applied my own teachings to this competitive martial art. I only stopped because I tore the cartilage and ACL in my knee. And sadly my sporting dreams ended… Actually  not really sad because it was from here that I understood what it takes and the total devastation of not achieving what I planned on. I started to help others apply what I had used in my own sporting career and what at the time seemed devastating, was just the start of something exciting. I just didn’t know it at the time… that I had a natural ability to change people’s lives through this! 14 years on, and you could say my achievements are characterised by the number of people I’ve helped… they are on podiums all around the world, on sporting fields to local amature events.

And thanks to these Champions for allowing me to share their success and secret…

  • Brittany Broben, our 2012 Olympic Silver Medal 10m Platform Diver (as above)
  • Kelly Norris, 2012 U/18 Boys Qld State Surfing Champion
  • Chris Watson, No 1 ranked U20 400m hurdler in Australia
  • Maxine Seear, Former World #1 female triathlete and 2004 Olympian
  • Fiona Cullen, 100m Hurdles 2008 Champion
  • Ben Carr and Australian Down Syndrome Swim Team

PLUS, many many more athletes for who I have signed confidentiality agreements and who have chosen to remain anonymous. And this is why those names are not recent… those who are still succeeding are choosing to keep the SECRET… a Secret! And I want you to take a moment right now, to see yourself achieving in your chosen sport as if the effort were so natural that your body was in flight mode, when it really matters. Take the time now and allow yourself to answer the below 5 questions below to ensure you are ready for the secret that I’m keen to share with you…. This may sound like a job interview, the answers I’m looking for are simply ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Within the next 5 years, would you like to see yourself…

  1. Performing at your ultimate potential and with no time limitations ie. Achieving for as long as you are “in the zone”?
  1. With sponsors that ultimately lead to income based on a run of achievements and ‘proof you have been winning’?
  1. Status as one of the Top 3 in your sport and level?
  2. With a little fame which never hurt anyone (fame for the right reasons)?
  1. With money continuing funding your sporting and professional career following success with an incredible laser focused MIND?

If you said ‘YES’ to all of the above 5 questions, I want you to keep reading because the secret which I’ve shared with all 26 of my World Champion clients (at the time of writing this) could be accessible within just a short time, as long as you are willing to go the distance…

Whether you’re a Golfer, Swimmer, Runner or Discus thrower, the secret is the SAME.

Click here to book on to my online course ‘Athlete’s Secret Weapon’ but ONLY if you answered yes to the above 5 questions

There is more to share from this page alone if you are willing to keep an open mind and get outside the box that you may be in already, especially if you think that practicing for optimal physical fitness and your chosen sport alone is enough… It really isn’t. Sport is 80-90+% in the mind.

You can win before you even start competing.

And that’s exactly what Muhammad Ali did – you didn’t think I was going to just use this boxing legend of an example of how NOT to finish a career did you? He predicted with pinpoint precision for many of his fights, when he was going to KO (knock out) his opponents. It worked with Sonny Banks and it worked with Archie Moore. In fact he only got a few of his predictions wrong before he officially changed his name to Muhammad Ali. How exactly did he do this? Because of this one phrase or mantra that he held at the core of his very being….

Muhammad Ali

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road long before I dance under those lights.”


What Muhammad Ali had in belief and ability, he lacked in temperance and self control, with a career full of controversy and financial struggle. My expertise has been in bottling that ability to win before you’ve actually won and showing you exactly how to do this. And you get to keep your life in and out of your athletic career as private and sensible as you like (or not if it’s part of your winning nature, like Muhammad Ali). If you think about it, Athletes like yourself, can spend 4-6 hours a day 6 days a week… for an event that last 10 seconds every 4 years (The Olympics of course)!

Can you guarantee that you are in the right head space for those 10 seconds or are you leaving it to chance each time you compete?

If you are an athlete who sometimes lets nerves get the better of you by making you feel sick or stressed, then you are leaving your performance to chance.

Stress leads to tension and tense muscles don’t win medals… let me explain.

A relaxed muscle is a fast muscle. A relaxed muscle is a strong muscle. A relaxed muscle is less prone to injury. And guess what??? Your mind holds all the memory of past experiences… good and bad! So your muscles will either be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how they are connected emotionally to the memories of past experiences. You may know this as “Muscle Memory” or in my profession a “trigger based response” – just one of my personal specialities is to create new “muscle memory” in the future and trigger new improved and beneficial responses.

Controlling just a very small % of your muscle output could mean fractions of a second off your personal best….

And believe me ‘fractions of a second’ count when it comes to track and field such as 100m sprints. fiona-cullen The above is a press article on one of my past clients; Australia’s 2008 100m sprint & hurdles champion. And I quote“In a business where fractions of a second mean the difference between success and failure, Cullen believes hypnosis gives her an advantage over her rivals.”  And hypnosis IS that difference… “My body’s natural muscle reflexes react quicker than my brain can consciously tell them to react so they (conscious thoughts) have no place in my race. I need to get those out of the equation which is what the hypnotherapy is helping me to do.” This is deep stuff and I hope that you can find a moment to really consider what Fiona Cullen is saying here…

She needs to get her natural muscle reflexes out of the equation so she can let her mind take over.

Have you ever come across this kind of information before? Has any coach ever told you to forgot about your natural muscle reflexes, and let your body move in autopilot? And did they tell you how to do this? Do they even think that hypnosis combined with Jedi master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was something you should do? Have they ever even heard of hypnosis or NLP in sport? The likelihood is that if you told them about it, they may laugh you off the tennis court, golf course, out of the gym, out of the pool or off the running track… There is of course psychology based coaching, that pushes you back into experiences that created performance based issues in the first place… and asking “how does that make you feel” or “you should think of a happy place”!!! that does not work. If YOU get what YOU focus on… why go to the past for answers??? Look to the future and change what you are doing now!!! SIMPLE!

My treatments and programs focus purely on creating a new trigger based responses and thus creating a new reaction to a previous trigger.

So instead of focusing on the past, I focus the athlete on the future, including where they are going and what it is like to win (I call this future pacing) which then forms the new neurological pathway to a positive outcome and allow the athlete to accept the past and change the emotional ‘feel of the issue.’ So all this is something you may have never come across before or even heard of, believe me it gets results! And when athlete’s do … it is kept a secret! How the traditional “System” Doesn’t Work, And Brittany’s Story….  Brittany Broben When the Australian Olympic team returned from London in 2012 the Chief De Mission singled out Brittany Broben and said “… proof our systems are working.” BUT,  Brittany had refused the Sports psychology offer and sourced me out personally to help her! Unfortunately the results of Australian athletes at the London Olympics showed sports psychology was not high on the list of priorities and the results proved the system is not working. When the team returned they threw FREE sessions at every athlete to “fix their disappointment”. As a non AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) approved practitioner, I’m not recognised because I do not have an official sports psychology degree. What I do have are RESULTS! I have consistently helped my athletes produce outstanding performances because of simple processes that deliver results! Ask yourself now… would you like consistently great results? It was so “HUSH” and “SECRET” that she kept it quiet that she was in fact working with me as her contract may have been terminated! And many other gold Medallists I know looked “outside’ the normal to find the edge! Consider… if everyone is training the same way and for the same time on the same programs… you can only expect to be average at the elite level! Do something different! And keep it a secret when you find it!

It was in fact Brittany that called me her “Secret Weapon” in the first place!

236458 Things weren’t easy for Brittany either as she was on the verge of missing the team selection because of other people’s comments that said she was too young. She was full of doubts and had a habit of messing up on a certain dive, due in fact because she allowed herself to be pressured and she wasn’t enjoying herself. We had her practicing her dives in her head at night, we set a peak performance level and taught her how to manage emotions and block out distractions. Then she of course made the team, despite her age! And performed incredibly with a smile and even the commentators made comments about how calm she was and how can she not be nervous… So even if you are on the edge of sports success, at the elite level now or just getting started… you will soon be at your potential when you enlist my help. And as you have probably worked out, I can be leaned on to work one to one with my clients and teams, this comes at a cost. You can also start training your mind if you decide you could do with that all important ‘edge’ in your sport. Consider something more accessible than a one to one treatment or team contract, consider a test as such! Demand for my services simply does not allow me to be everywhere all the time! Demand driven by my clients results and modern technology has enabled me to replicate myself for those who are serious about sport.

 Even at the gym he's available to clients

Click here to book on to my online course ‘Athlete’s Secret Weapon’ but ONLY if you are SERIOUS about your Athletic career and understand  that Sports Psychology simply won’t cut it So for the first time in the history of my career, I’m giving you the chance to become a champion and enrol on my on-line ‘Athlete’s Secret Weapon

What's Included In The Athelete's Secret Weapon?:

8 weeks of intense yet workable and actionable mind power tools which will get you from where you are  to  Jedi Master  in 1/100th of the time it would take if you worked all this stuff out on your own, And includes….
  • Broken down digestible, bite sized chunks of information and homework in between sessions
  • Access to the same tools that world champions have “secretly” utilised for decades.
  • MP3 downloads, processes and videos delivered directly to your inbox every week
  • Accessible to you wherever you happen to be in the world
  • Secret forums/ group for that all important mastermind support, critical to anyone with a pre-determined goal and vision, whether that’s a gold medal, sponsorship or personal best (or all 3!).
So if you don’t want your athletic career to finish before you’ve had a chance to even compete at achieving what you know deep down you know you can achieve (belief is integral to your athletic success), gaining incredible insights into how winners really win then heavily applying this to your own performance will mean the difference between…

Fast tracking your sporting success (as long as you can handle this) vs. failing at what you know you’re good enough to deserve…

And sometimes feeling like you deserve something can “make or break” whether you actually achieve something…. Of course if you’re not sure you deserve to be a winner, you won’t be a winner. Physical performance is driven by mental poise and strength of mind alongside inner belief…. So don’t let people tell you it’s all about physical practice – that’s something anyone can do.

Did you know that 1 hour of mental rehearsal is equivalent to 7 hours of physical exertion???

Any athlete can spend 4 to 6 hours physically or more per day mastering their chosen sport – but not ‘every’ athlete can win. The winners are determined by the differences in their ‘thoughts’ and their ‘beliefs’ which are governed by their ‘mind.’ Call it unfair, call it ‘woo woo’ or call it crazy… it’s true and… so are the results you can experience when you take control of that one thing that has failed many in the past… their minds! Muhammed Ali and every other amazing athlete or sports based competitor are testament to this truth.

 Privvy to this secret.

The secret that I’d love to share with you if you think you are ready and can handle the sudden and exiciting road to success with your sport and life.

Click here to book on to my online course ‘Athlete’s Secret Weapon’ but ONLY if you are READY for that “winning streak” attention and easily able to tune into a WINNING mindset

ONLY make this decision when…  you are ready to apply ‘everything’ I teach you.

What you'll be working on:

Intro –     Awareness, without awareness, nothing changes! This gives you an idea of how the mind works and why it does what it does!

Week 1

All about you, now is the time to make a decision for you and take control of that one thing you can control… YOU!

Week 2

Limitations, what limits our potential Change, how do I and how long does it take? Emotions, how to manage them and change them to benefit you!

Week 3

Potential resources, everything you need to be successful is within you now, how do you access this? How to set an “In the zone” switch that allows you to turn on and off when needed!

Week 4

Target, why are you doing all this training and competition for??? This powerful process alone changes lives!

Week 5

Programs, what are the programs you are running? What programs would you like to run?

Week 6

Training, imagine training 6 hours a night as you are sleeping. Improving technique and repairing injuries!

Week 7

Deepening, all the changes and improvements become automatic at this point. Great things just happen and easily!

Week 8

Celebrating, motivation is not possible without a destination, this is a time to celebrate and reflect on the future based on what you have now experienced.

The above will introduce you to brand new concepts and beliefs, it will help you become aware of your own personal blockages and also how to trigger new mind – muscle responses for optimised performance and some of these processes include…

  • Self empowerment
  • Fear management
  • Future focused success
  • Emotional Protection
  • Uncovering and using existing Resources to benefit you
  • Modelling excellence
  • Capturing previous and future success memories and feelings
  • Allowing your mind to process deeper with MP3 recordings
  • And just like a computer… we delete old programs and reboot you with the new!

And of course, visualisations and affirmations based on the law of attraction and concepts raised in the book the “Secret”, which you may have heard of… Be my guest and explore all the above concepts and ideas individually and spend several years applying each one to your situation and you may get close to the full 8 weeks that I can give you in bite size pieces, showing you how to apply each in exactly the right way… and immediately. The time it takes you to learn the above and more will likely take way too long for you to effectively apply them to your sport so you can also apply ‘excitement’ and an element of passion to putting them into use…. With 9 years in martial arts and competing at the elite level and 8 years helping create champions, you can imagine the level of effort and mastery I have put in to creating this package.

This combination, gives you the SECRET of winners (that’s 17 years of experience in just 8 weeks!).

Obviously I can’t guarantee you will be a winner just by going through all this material and applying it –  it will certainly give you the tools and allow you to unlock your own inner potential to go forth and WIN. IF you have what it takes… why have you not done it yet? To do what you work hard every day to do…. why have you not achieved? Hard work isn’t enough…. not just in the physical realm. Apply your mind to full effect and you’re as close as you possibly can be to unlocking the winner within you. And I’d love to join you on your journey to winning. As a bonus and if required I’m also available for one to one coaching,  this is external from the online Athlete’s Secret Weapon course and not ‘essential’ if you’re one of those people that can take bite sized information and apply it effortlessly to your own life in general. Having this opportunity of one to one support is in itself priceless, especially if you can power up your sport and life, and lean on me to fine tune your road to success – to ensure your road to winning is smooth and simple. Your first step is in front of you… opportunities come and go! This is here for a reason, what are you going to do with it?   Take it ??? Leave your success to chance???

Click here to start your online ‘Athlete’s Secret Weapon’ course today!

(It may not be this price in 3 to 6 months because of the amount of gold medal creating information held within this 8 week course)


Ps. There is enough information on this page itself for you to apply to improving your performance. You just have to decode it… Pps. Or, to save your precious time, just go ahead and purchase since this SECRET to winning is all there, ready for you to digest within the space of 8 weeks (think 17 years of my own sports based experience of winning and helping winners)… Ppps. If within the next 8 weeks you don’t purchase, just think about how far you could have progressed in that time if you had purchased my Athlete’s Secret Weapon program… Medals, sponsorship, funding, notoriety and reputation don’t wait around for anyone. You have to GO OUT THERE AND GET IT!  Here’s to your success, Creating champions is in my blood and I am pleased to be able to share my passion and abilities with you in creating the path in life for the champion within you.

Stuart Walter

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